European Master and Certification Program
in Risk Engineering and Management

Introduction - Risk Management in Industry

Course code: 136467
Language of instruction: English
Duration of the course: 23 days (207h)
Lecturers: Dr. Marko Gerbec (Josef Stefan Institute), Prof. Dr. Aleksandar S. Jovanovic (Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies GmbH)
Assessment: Transfer Paper
Credit points: 7 CPs

Short description

This module includes three compulsory courses, covering risk management in industry. The emphasis is on topics such as EU directives on industrial safety, major accident prevention, risk assessment methodologies, as well as International Standards of risk management and its application in industry. The module also highlights the importance of cultural differences management in business communication for successful business collaboration with partners.


At the end of the module, attendees are expected to:

-Know and understand the main principles of the ISO 31000 standard
-Be familiar with the ISO 31000 framework for managing risk
-Be able to implement the ISO 31000 standard in their own project or company
-Be aware of the open issue in ISO 31000 standard
-Understand the importance of intercultural communication principles and the related communications risks
-Have basic knowledge concerning intercultural value systems
-Be able to work in an international environment
-Understand the general terms used in the area of risk, safety, hazard, risk and risk assessment.
-Have a comprehensive overview of EU regulation/directives such as REACH, Seveso II, ATEX, and the obligations resulting from them
-Be aware of the safety measures, based on regulatory requirements, as implemented in the different EU member states.
-Be familiar with the main elements of the process safety assessment (input data, hazards identification methods and tools, scenario elaboration and assessment of related risks…), including major accidents prevention policy

Target Attendees / Participants

University students of Steinbeis European Master Program in Risk Engineering and Management, and similar programs

Course Content by Units

Successful management of cultural differences as factor of success of projects

Multicultural contexts – what you should know, what you should do, what you should not do…

Multilingual environments in international projects

Essentials of Business communication & Elements of Human Resources Management in multinational projects

ISO 31000:
-Philosophy and Principles
-Practical aspects of implementation

Introduction to industrial safety issues and historical overview (process safety, occupational safety, environmental protection, consumer safety)

Introduction to obligations within Seveso II directive

introduction to the process safety risk assessment -overview of the main steps

Teaching Methods

The module includes:

  • introductory note explaining aim and structure of the courses, and used methodology as well
  • ex cathedra lecturing illustrated by number of examples
  • review of main topics in the end of each lecturing unit
  • presenting commonly used methods and tools


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