European Master and Certification Program
in Risk Engineering and Management

Risk Management Strategies

Course code: 175572
Language of instruction: English
Lecturers: Ph.D. Reto Schneider (SWICA Gesundheitsorganisation), Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dirk Linowski (Steinbeis University Berlin), Prof. Dr. Aleksandar S. Jovanovic (Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies GmbH), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karl Maile (MPA Universit├Ąt Stuttgart)
Assessment: Defined in the module

Short description

This course will focuse on the basic concepts, methods, products and measurement techniques of financial risk. The presentation of scenario analysis, simulation techniques as well as the Value-at-Risk concept and caluclation will show the specificity of the finanical field and the related risk management strategies.


Course participants are expected to:

-understand the basic concepts of financial risk
-be familiar with the different financial products
-understand the aims and difficulties of scenario analysis
-be able to implement the learned concepts by applying
measurement techniques of financial risk


Target Attendees / Participants

This module prepares current master of engineering students who will be accountable for ensuring that risk is effectively managed within the organization as a whole or within a specific area, project or activity. This is also for students who will be dealing with evaluation of an organization's effectiveness in managing risk.

Course Content by Units




Scenario Analysis

Simulation techniques

Joint Interpretation

Case: Asset Liability Management

Teaching Methods

The course includes:

  • introductory note explaining aim and structure of the course, used teaching methodology as well
  • ex cathedra lecturing illustrated by number of examples
  • case study


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