European Master and Certification Program
in Risk Engineering and Management

Life Cycle Analysis and Assessment

Course code: 181779
Language of instruction: English
Lecturers: Leo Breedveld (2B Srl), Dr. Sne┼żana Jovanovic (Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies)
Assessment: Defined in the module

Short description

The course gives the participants opportunity to improve the knowledge about the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and to gain the skills to perform simplified LCA studies and to analyze, discuss and comment international scientific articles on LCA. The course provides a comprehensive overview of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Costing (LCC), International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD) and European Reference Life Cycle Data System (ELCD). The focus will be on practical examples of applying LCA in industry and improving the environmental performance and sustainability of products and services.


The course will highlight the details of

  • LCA methodology and application
  • the techniques and the tools needed for the LCA analysis
  • standards ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 and international development.

During the course many examples will be elaborated, including the ones related to the emerging risks and, furthermore, participants will develop their own examples using standard LCA software.

In the end of the course the students are expected to:
  • have basic knowledge about LCA methodology and application
  • know the link between LCA and HSE
  • be familiar with the most important concepts and terminology used in LCA
  • have skill to perform simplified LCA using some of most commonly used software tools.

Target Attendees / Participants

Engineers (university level), managers, inspectors, legislators and other professionals dealing with HSE and HSEE, and students will have the opportunity

  • to enjoy discussions with the main lecturer
  • to learn about the newest developments in the area of the international (ISO) standards and the EU approaches (e.g. "Life Cycle Thinking" and the "decoupling indicators")
  • to participate in the hands-on breakout sessions, including use of LCA tools (SimaPro) and
  • to ask about practical details of examples dealing with LCA for bio-fuels, advanced engineering materials, nanomaterials and other new technology related products.

Course Content by Units

Unit 1: Introduction to industrial safety issues

Introduction to industrial chemical safety issues
(process safety, occupational safety, environmental protection, consumer safety)

  • topics of Seveso, IPPC, Occupational safety and health
  • explanation on different aspects of the term safety
  • link between LCA and HSE

Unit 2 Life cycle assessment (LCA) - Introduction and theory

  • Introduction into LCA
  • LCA theory and ISO 14040 / 14044

Review and conclusions of the Unit 1 and Unit 2. Questions and answers.


Unit 3: Practical example

  • Example of an LCA
  • Creating your first LCA
  • Home work

Review and conclusions of the Unit 3: Questions and answers


Unit 4: Practical LCA assessment

  • Impact assessment methods
  • Normalization and weighing
  • Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Complex end-of-life scenarios
  • Allocation and parameters

Review and conclusions of the Unit 4: Questions and answers


Unit 5: LCA application and wrap-up

  • Examples of LCA application in relation to emerging risks
  • LCA appication of Metal-ceramic functionally graded materials (FGMs) in a brake disc.
  • Wrap-up

Review and conclusions of the Unit 5: Questions and answers


Unit 6: Individual LCA exercises

  • Feedback previous day, discussion and questions
  • Other examples of LCA application
  • Wrap-up

Review and conclusions of the Unit 5: Questions and answers


Unit 7: Review

Review of main course issues



Teaching Methods

The course includes:

  • introductory note explaining aim and structure of the course, and used methodology as well
  • ex cathedra lecturing illustrated by number of examples
  • step by step introduction of the software commonly used for LCA
  • case study using LCA software
  • individual exercises using LCA software
  • review of main topics in the end of each lecturing unit


  1. Textbook:
    HSE and LCA, Version 4, December 2009
  2. Transparencies
    IPPC Directive
  3. Certification material, Version 4, December 2009
  4. Additional material
    • The role of LCA in the context of IPPC (JIE)
    • Introduction to LCA with SIMAPRO 7

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