European Master and Certification Program
in Risk Engineering and Management

Innovation Management

Course code: 128015
Language of instruction: English
Lecturers: Frank H. Witt (Polytechnic of Namibia), Rolf Seebauer
Assessment: Defined in the module

Short description

The course will provide knowledge which will be useful in understanding innovation process and innovation management as a crucial tool in acquiring successful market position. In dynamic world, with constant changes, it is of the utmost importance to continually improve production process, product and services. The course will help in developing tools for creating innovative organization within business which will be oriented towards acquiring and developing new ideas and innovations.


The participants will:

- acquire knowledge and skills to use different creative techniques,

- gain theoretical methodological skills for the development of their own innovative projects and appropriate selection of suitable organizational integration forms,

- acquire the operational capability to initiate a creative and systematic process in real companies and

- be introduced to the independent development of growth potentials in their own company using standard strategies.

Target Attendees / Participants

Students of Steinbeis Master of Business Administration

Course Content by Units

Innovation Management and Creativity Management:

- Concept of innovation

- Definition of creativity

-Traditional vs. new creative techniques

Types of innovation:

-Strategic innovation

-Process innovations

-Product innovations

Organizational integration of innovation activity

Innovation strategies

Control of the innovation process

Assessment of innovation success

Incentives and remuneration

Enforcement of innovation

Check lists for the implementation of innovations

Teaching Methods

Classic lecturing

Free, interactive class discussion

Small group work


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