European Master and Certification Program
in Risk Engineering and Management

F0 / PK-1
Transfer Papers (TA)

Course code: 127995
Language of instruction: English
Assessment: Transfer Paper

Short description

Transfer paper (TA) is an evidence of the students’ ability to specifically transfer and utilize the knowledge obtained in a course attended in their projects or companies. The TA shall be prepared after the course and shall be presented in coordination with the responsible lecturer.

The assessment of the TA is carried out by the responsible lecturer and further by a SHB examiner.


The transfer papers are important elements of the project and transfer oriented Project Competence Program at the SUB. The students document in these how they are able to specifically introduce and implement course contents and what they have learned in their project or company.  The TA is an indicator of the transfer ability of the students. A transfer paper is always project and company related and must satisfy scientific requirements. This means that the basic principles of scientific working must be complied with. Correct citation of references and the documentation of sources are required.

Course Content by Units

The TA should orient all partners (student, project client, university) about the program course, highlight the transfer performance to date and document the application-related benefit of the acquired knowledge.

The focus of the written work is the transfer from the lectures into practice. The following questions form the basic structure of a TA:

• ACTUAL situation: Is your company/organisation up to date with respect to the seminar topic or is there a need to catch up? If yes, in which areas?
• General conditions for the seminar topic: Which exogenous general conditions influence your project?
• TARGET situation: What is your objective with respect to the seminar topic in the framework of your project/your company?
• With regard to the discussed seminar topic, what would have to be improved in your organisation/in your project and which specific measures will you take? Please justify your proposals.
• How do you ensure the success of your actions? Please justify this.

Teaching Methods



  • SHB: Transfer Paper (TA) SIS.
  • SHB: Report Transfer Paper (TA), SIS.

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