European Master and Certification Program
in Risk Engineering and Management

F0 / PK-2
Transfer Documentation Reports (TDR)

Course code: 131821
Language of instruction: English
Assessment: TDR

Short description

The TDR are important elements of the project and transfer oriented Project Competence Program at the SUB. They are a unique, didactic concept developed in the Steinbeis network which supports the students for the acquisition of knowledge and specific application. These TDR help the students to orientate themselves in the basic knowledge in the preparation and follow-up of the contact-time and transfer phases and to apply the acquired knowledge by transfer to the business/ project practice.  In doing so, the students can flexibly determine their individual competence development pace.


The documentation for the individual modules is performed in the form of transfer reports in which the corresponding module contents are highlighted in relation to the company and project. The specific topics or issues are in supplementary additional documents. After processing the TDR, the students are able to:

·                make a concrete transfer for the project,

·                recognise the relevance in the company,

·                apply a scientific subject to the company practice,

·                establish a link between the subject area and the company,

·                describe which instruments are applied in the company and which are relevant for the project,

·                recognise which activities the company is pursuing,

·                develop the subject area in a results-oriented way,

·                conceptually penetrate and apply the complete subject area,

·                reflect the subject area both to the company as well as to the project.

Course Content by Units

Analyses and exercises are integrated in the TDR or in supplementary additional documents in order to check and document the student's own level of knowledge. The transfer as a form of reflection takes place through the discussion of the relevance of the knowledge for the company. The specific transfer consists of the implementation of the knowledge in the respective real project of the students.

 Using a structured report (transfer report), knowledge, methods and concepts are applied specifically. However, pure theoretical work is not permitted as the students cannot demonstrate their transfer and implementation abilities in such work. This means that theory is always required to the extent that it provides a basis for and justifies the practical implementation (scientific).

Teaching Methods



  • SHB: Transfer Documentation Reports (TDR) SIS.

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