European Master and Certification Program
in Risk Engineering and Management

Organizational Behavior

Course code: 181776
Language of instruction: English
Lecturers: Michael Hathorn, Rolf Seebauer
Assessment: Defined in the module

Short description

The 21st century has witnessed structural transformations of working places and overall work organization. From the nowadays classical open-space to the table football and tennis facilities provided by some companies for their employees, the issue of organizational behavior and the influence of the work environment became a central concern in a wide range of companies. This course aims to highlight this evolution, looking at those issues and present solutions. It will describe the individual or micro level but also present findings on the organization or macro level.



The participants will:

- get an overview of the key issues in occupational and organizational psychology,

- analyze selected psychological aspects of behavior in the context of the individual, the group and the organization system,

- be aware of the problem of generalizing behavioral aspects,

- investigate organization related behavior from both micro and macro perspectives,

- recognize the links with other research fields and a huge relevance of psychological behavior patterns for the success of a project or company, and

- get incentives for dealing with theoretical questions of behavior and their practical implementation in their own project or company.

Target Attendees / Participants

This module is targeted to current master of engineering students who are going to be involved in strategic decision-making and implementation

Course Content by Units

Overview of the topics organizational and human psychology

Study of human behavior in organizations - interdisciplinary aspects

Work Psychology - the individual level
- Working staff
- Work design
- Work motivation
- Job satisfaction
- Workload

Psychology of the organization - group, team and organization
- Organizational framework
- Organizational Groups
- Organizational power
- Organizational Conflicts
- Organizational management
- Organizational change

Teaching Methods

Classical lecturing

Free and interactive class discussion

Work in small groups

Case study


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