European Master and Certification Program
in Risk Engineering and Management

Product Lifecycle Management

Course code: 181779
Language of instruction: English
Duration of the course: 20 days (180h)
Lecturers: under appointment (ytbc)
Assessment: P [optional topic for Project Study Paper]
Credit points: 6 CPs

Short description

Product Lifecycle Management is a comprehensive approach for effective and efficient design of information from "cradle" to "grave" of a product. Based on the administration and monitoring of the whole information available on products, methods and tools are made available to provide the right information and quality at the right time, and at the right place. Upon completion of this product life cycle management module, students are able to initiate, plan and monitor a product life cycle within their company or project. In addition, they develop the skills to evaluate existing processes to align them with emerging industry best practices.


By the end of the module, participants are expected to:

-Have basics concerning the concept of value
-Know how to obtain feedback on value
-Be able to transfer their knowledge into design specifications
-have an overview of creative/weighting/evaluation and scenario techniques
-know the basics of value benchmarking
-be able to implement the functional system analysis technique in their own projects
-be able to develop a function cost matrix
-Know the history and evolution of the FPS technique
-Know how to document the FPS technique process
-be able to interpret and create a functional tree
-have basic knowledge about LCA methodology and application
-be familiar with the most important concepts and terminology used in LCA
-have skill to perform simplified LCA using some of most commonly used software tools.

Target Attendees / Participants

This module is targeted to current master of engineering students who aim to apply life cycle assessment to specific waste technologies or waste management systems for systematic evaluation of their environmental performances.

Course Content by Units

The module will cover the following topics:

- functional system analysis technique
-value benchmarking
-scenario techniques
-mind maps and value trees
-function cost matrix
-Definition of needs and expected performance
-Implementation of a FPS technique
-Documentation of a FPS technique
-Difference between the FAST and the FPS technique
-Customer feedback on value and how to obtain it
-Quality function deployment
-Product design specification
-Life cycle assessment (LCA) - Introduction and theory
-Practical LCA assessment
-LCA application and wrap-up

Teaching Methods

This module will be taught through a mix of cases, discussions, lectures, individual assignments, and group projects.


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